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The SantÉ Mobile A-1 Advantage

Hassle-free for parents, safest option for infants and children
  • No risk of exposure to hospital acquired infections;
  • No rushing out of the house to make the hospital or lab appointment on time;
  • No taxi or bus travel;
  • No traffic to contend with;
  • No circling for parking;
  • No public parking fees;
  • Not necessary to take time off work for parents;
  • Not necessary to take time off school for child;
  • No long waits in a hospital or clinic;
  • Infants and children remain at home where they are most comfortable;
  • Requisitions are accepted from all Montreal area hospitals or doctors;
  • Samples are taken to our accredited laboratory immediately after collection; and
  • Results are available within 24-48 hours for most tests.

Santé Mobile A-1's trained medical professionals make the experience as painless and pleasant as possible for both child and parent.

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Typical Scenario

Your child is scheduled to have blood drawn. This can cause concern for some parents and for the child as well. For families where both parents work and where there are younger siblings a simple requisition for blood work can turn into an inconvenient and complicated ordeal. The ride to the hospital or clinic, the traffic, the search for a parking spot, the check in and the waiting around until your number is called only add to the complications.

Santé Mobile A-1 Scenario

Your child needs to have blood work done. You schedule an appointment with a Santé Mobile A-1 trained professional at a time and place that is convenient for you. Using our mobile services means you are provided with efficient and effective attention without the added anxiety of upsetting your daily routine. This way you can focus on your child's concerns rather than extenuating circumstances.

Tips to help your child relax

Determine if the Child Wants to Participate: Ask "do you want to see how it's done, or would you rather continue watching the cartoon (or watching your favourite video, reading the book, squeezing my hand, counting to ten…?)"

Rehearse: Help put the child in control of his or her body and gain composure with this simple exercise; "show me how you stay still, now show me how you wiggle, now show me how you stay still again." With Santé- Mobile A-1 the child can prepare and practice in the privacy of his home.

Prepare them for the "Ouch": Tell your child to count to 10 or recite the alphabet and that it will be over quickly. Since you're at home there is no lab room, no white coat, and no waiting to build additional anxiety. With Santé-Mobile A-1, there is only the needle to address.

Count to 3 and Blow the Feeling Away: Allowing the child to count to 3 then blow the feeling away helps to mentally prepare the child and gives him or her more control. It's also a very useful technique because the slow exhale helps to calm the child which makes blood easier to draw. A Santé- Mobile A-1 professional will always praise the child and leave behind a surprise gift for his or her accomplishment of taking a needle.

Commonly requested tests

CBC (complete blood count) - routinely used to detect infection in the blood, for screening for Leukemia, for problems with coagulation;

ALT (liver enzyme) - commonly used to test liver function;

UA (urine analysis) - commonly used to verify kidney function, to detect infection, to check sugar levels;

ESR (sedimentation rate) - general screening test for inflammation; and Allergy Profiles - these include various testing for individual foods or groups of food.

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Blood Tests in The Comfort of Your Home.
Most samples, results of your blood and other tests will be available in 24 hours.

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