Medical Laboratory Services

Blood Test in The Comfort of Your Own Home

Adults and professionals

The SantÉ Mobile A-1 Advantage

Time-saving solution for the already busy person
  • No risk of exposure to hospital acquired infections;
  • No rushing out of the house to make the hospital or lab appointment on time;
  • No taxi or bus travel;
  • No traffic to contend with;
  • No circling for parking;
  • No public parking fees;
  • Not necessary to take time off work;
  • No long waits in a hospital or clinic;
  • Requisitions are accepted from all Montreal area hospitals or doctors;
  • Samples are taken to our accredited laboratory immediately after collection; and
  • Results are available within 24-48 hours for most tests.

Santé Mobile A-1's trained medical professionals make the experience as effortless and efficient as possible.

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A Convenient Solution for Adults/Professionals

We know how easy it can be to neglect health management since so many of us are just too busy. Pre-occupied with trying to balance day to day routines and obligations many of us might think, "I can't take time off for this." Santé Mobile A-1 creates time for you to take care of your blood testing needs by bringing our services to you.

Santé Mobile A-1 Advantage

Santé Mobile A-1 removes the inconvenience, the wait and the worry from the scenario of having to drop everything and get to a testing centre. By providing mobile blood testing services we put you in control of the situation. All you do is schedule an appointment at a time and place that is convenient for you and we send a fully-trained professional to take care of the rest. Our prompt and painless service will have you back to business in no time at all!

Commonly requested tests

Complete Profile (general biochemistry screen, CBC, urine analysis)

Other tests may include: CK, LDH, Magnesium, 25 hydroxy Vitamin D, HbA1C

Iron Profile


Vitamin B12/Folate

TSH, T4 (Thyroid Profile)

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Blood Tests in The Comfort of Your Home.
Most samples, results of your blood and other tests will be available in 24 hours.

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